Process Equipment

We supply and install specialized equipment and spare parts of different brands for your Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Plant and Cooling Towers

Air Blowers


Dosing Pumps/pH Controllers


Membrane Bio-Reactor System

Mem Bio-series (Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems)

Offering a one-step process for water recycling through the removal of suspended solids and micro-organisms, our Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems help achieve 50% space savings with its economical operation footprint. Through the use of hollow fiber membrane technology, the Membrane Bio-Reactor System may be applied for treatment of sewage effluents and other waste streams with high COD or BOD.

Our Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems are recommended for:

  • Remote residential communities
  • Estate and property maintenance management
  • Cement production factories
  • Mining operations
  • Decentralized sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial estates

Water Softener & Reverse Osmosis Systems

We supply and install Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis Systems for various uses such as:

  • Cooling Tower feed water
  • Steam Boiler feed water
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Tertiary Treatment Systems for STP/ WWTP
  • Scale and Corrosion Prevention

Cooling Tower Spare Parts